Welcome To Cal-Due UK Ltd

Cal-Due UK Ltd, offer a wide range of services including calibration in the fields of
Electrical | Temperature | Pressure | Torque Measuring Instrumentation

Calibration at Cal-Due UK Ltd includes testing the instruments for compliance against specification at appropriate test points, and making any minor adjustments if required.

Instruments are issued with calibration label, seal applied, calibration certificate, your plant or ID number, plant list available (on request) and a Re-Calibration letter sent out before the next calibration is due. If the instrument requires a repair or more than minor adjustment the customer will be informed before proceeding.

We offer a repair service down to component level.

The sales of new instruments from all major suppliers (Fluke, Kewtech, Seaward, ETI Ltd, Clare etc).

We have more than 24 years experience giving confidence and reliability in calibration, repair and supply needs.


Calibration, repairs, sales, and hire.
Standard 2 or 3 working day turnaround.
Urgent 1 or 2 working day calibration service is available.
Latest calibrators from transmille, fluke, norbar, pressurements.
Calibration software for total booking in to calibration system.
Annual calibration reminder sent out.
Updated calibration plant list.
Sales of new instruments.
All facilities under one roof reducing turn around time.

Suppliers of Fluke, Seaward, Kewtech, Di-Log, Clare, Cropico, ETI Ltd.....



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